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About Our Farms

Grayson County Virginia in the winter


Mitchell Family Farm

While Grayson County farmland has been in his family for three generations, Gary Mitchell began purchasing his own land from his family in 1994. Today, all of the Mitchell family members enjoy being involved with the farm. At thirteen years old, daughter Mary is borrowing money to purchase five cows for her 4H project. Lucas, Gary’s fourteen-year-old son, has already paid off two thirds of a three-year loan that helped him buy his first five cows. Susan, Gary’s wife, takes pleasure in helping run the farm with her children and husband. Through this family effort, the Mitchells have built a sustainable business that provides them the opportunity to offer local, natural food to the public through Grayson Natural Farms.

The Kirk Brothers Farm

The Kirk Brothers Farm is operated by brothers Kevin and Russ with the help of Steve, their father. As children, Kevin and Russ grew up on the farm. Now, as they work with Grayson Natural Farms, the brothers are continuing the family tradition of working the land as they raise a new generation of Kirks on the beautiful Grayson County land they loved throughout their childhood.

Four Winds Farm

The Boyer family’s Four Winds Farm is located in the Spring Valley community of Grayson County, Virginia. The grass-based farm is owned and operated by Danny and Twyla Boyer and their youngest son, Daniel. A truly family-run farm that has been in operation for over thirty years, the Boyer family, their children, and their grandchildren provide all the labor for the daily operations on Four Winds Farm.

River Ridge Farm

Phil and Charlotte Hanes purchased their farm twenty-five years ago with the vision of creating a model of local sustainability. Recently, Charlotte has hired the Ivey family, Brantley and Whitney, to assist her in building a sustainable enterprise. While the Iveys have only been in Grayson County for a short time, they are excited to raise their family on the farm as they help Grayson Natural Farms reach its potential.